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Infrastructure Development & Construction Division

Run by experienced, innovative, articulate and vibrant individuals, Infinera would rank amongst the top construction company in her class.

We are well grounded with vast experience in the construction industry and specialize in the development of residential, commercial and industrial structures; we also design and construct roads, bridges, water retaining structures, tank farm and canals. Our clientele includes individuals, local governments, state government, and federal government, privately owned and public firms.

The Division is divided into six main departments namely:

  • Civil Construction
  • Water and Wastewater solution
  • Metal Fabrication and works
  • Architectural and Structural Design
  • Interior Decoration
  • Information Technology

We have over the years continued to deliver top quality jobs for our clients. We pride ourselves in the ability to go beyond the average human potentials to achieve success in our project executions where time, quality and durability are our watch words. We do this with a view to aiding our clients getting their true money’s worth for any project we are involved in.
We are not just contractors we are THE CONTRACTORS, the volume of work we have undergone over the years would speak for us. At Infinera Ltd. we merge the use of our elite professionals in the construction industry with our state of the art equipment and machineries. We are the ultimate solution to your Structural and Road Designs and Construction.


We pride ourselves with the ability of turning around the worst site situations, also taking more advantage of an accurate one better than any of our competitors.

For our clients, we always go the extra mile in proffering the most effective and affordable solutions which could be in terms of Equipments, Human Resource, Machinery, Engineering Solutions etc.

We employ an Integrated Project Management Solutions Concept which allows us to properly integrate and coordinate our sites, complex work schedule to enable us deliver a perfect job.

We carry out in-depth design studies, trainings and testing, all aimed at achieving a strapping project for our clients.

Our HSE (Health Safety and Environmental) plans are duly revised to suit each project we are engaged in to bring any impending hazard to as close as possible to zero.

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