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ICT Division

We have in our employ seasoned ICT/ Technical Support Specialists who have undergone several trainings at home and abroad. Through a unique combination of skills and experience, we are able to offer IT services and networking ranging from consultancy to turn-key project implementation and operation. The company recognizes and caters for the special needs of clients in various industries such as Manufacturing, Banking, Oil and Gas, Public sector, Utilities and Security Services.

Our services enable clients to implement reliable IT infrastructure on which their business operations can be dependent. The ability of an indigenous company to provide IT services of international standards is of a strategic advantage in an environment where excellence is only available at a premium.

Infinera’s ICT Division provides services and solutions that include design, sales, installation, integration, service deployment and expansion, maintenance, support and implementation of projects (we provide end-to-end support). This ranges from Enterprise Resource Programme, VSAT equipment and accessories, Software Solutions, Computer Hardware (Servers, laptops and desktops), Wireless and Wired Networks, Web solutions, telecom equipment and networking accessories. This line of expertise is premised on our rich ensemble of Technology specialists.

As a Next Generation Technology Company, we are dedicated to expanding and enhancing our business by offering superior products with the level of quality and support unmatched in the industry.

ICT services include:

  • Sales/Supplies
  • Maintenance
  • Systems Integration/Networking
  • Vsat/Internet Access Service
  • Computer Training/Education
  • Web Solution provision
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