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About Us

Infinera is a Leading Provider of Technology Consulting and Outsourced Business Services and Solutions with expertise in Information and Communication Technology Hardware, ICT Services and Solutions, Project Management, Outsourcing, ICT Business Process and Integration, Procurement Consultancy (Vendor/ Solution Provider Selection), Networking & Telecoms Infrastructure Solutions, OEM Hardware Equipment and Mobility solutions.

Infinera develops and implements this range of solutions including transformational outsourcing, combining our skills in consulting, technology and service provision to stimulate and facilitate business change and flexibility.

Infinera services and solutions include design, sales, installation, integration, service deployment and expansion, maintenance, support and implementation of projects (we provide an end-to-end support).

This ranges from

  • Enterprise Resource Programme,
  • VSAT equipment and accessories,
  • Software Solutions,
  • Computer Hardware (Servers, laptops and desktops),
  • Wireless and Wired Networks,
  • Website and New Media solutions,
  • Telecom equipment and networking accessories,
  • Infrastructural development,
  • Furniture solutions.

This line of expertise is premised on our rich ensemble of specialists.

In meeting our clients’ needs, Infinera designs solutions and integrates the requisite systems to achieve a perceived objective. We believe that business needs are dynamic and enterprises require extremely flexible solutions. The ability to always provide the specific solution is our greatest asset. This is done every single time with technology that has been tested and proven. We are direct technical partners with most companies whose equipment we integrate into our Solution. Because of our exacting standards of selection, this integrated equipment gives our Networks and Solutions the robustness and reliability needed to be functional in all terrains and under most conditions.

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