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Infinera Ltd was incorporated in Nigeria in February 2007 and has over the years of its existence carved a niche for herself in the the various fields covered by its operations. Run by experienced, innovative, articulate and vibrant individuals, Infinera would rank amongst the top companies in each field.

We are well grounded with vast experience in the ICT, Furniture, and infrastructural development fields, and specialize in the development and provision of services and solutions. Our clientele includes individuals, local governments, state government, and federal government, privately owned and public firms.

We have over the years continued to deliver top quality jobs for our clients. We pride ourselves in the ability to go beyond the average human potentials to achieve success in our project executions where time, quality and durability are our watch words. We do this with a view to aiding our clients getting their true money’s worth for any project we are involved in.

Our services enable clients to implement reliable infrastructure on which their business operations can be dependent. The ability of an indigenous company to provide services of international standards is of a strategic advantage in an environment where excellence is only available at a premium

As a Next Generation company, we are dedicated to expanding and enhancing our business by offering superior products with the level of quality and support unmatched in the industry.

Welcome to Infinera.

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